To our community,

Long time no talk. I know it’s a bummer but we had our reasons. I wanted to share news with the community on where we are now after almost a year of heavy work and crunch. Also the next steps moving forward.

First of all the good news. We’ve managed to advance a lot our technology and project in the creation of a Battle Royale Framework for VR that allows the RVR token to be the coin for all the transactions happening in the platform. The RVR is not the exclusive way of conducting transactions but it’s the best way. The platform allows any type of payment but it has many benefits if you use RVR, like 50% discount on EVERYTHING. 

The project is 95% ready to go. What this means? It means that technologically we are ready to work that 5% that has to do with getting the game ready to go to market but we understand that in today’s game developing market you need to have strong brands and publishers in order to go to market and be succesful. And this is a given. Believe me, I’ve been working in this industry for over 20 years and the story repeats itself constantly. You have masssive hits coming from stablished developers and big publishers and very very few indie titles making it or even surviving out there.

There are literally thousands of great games out there that no one ever played or heard about just because discovery and visibility is extremely difficult and expensive. Expensive like in millions of dollars spent on marketing efforts. The period from 2009 to this date brought some great tools for independent publishing and self publishing but the truth is that not even 5% of the self published games coming from big studios work well as a business, the ones that do are very few and others are either niche or simply forgotten.

We’ve been there several times and we’ve also been on the other side of the spectrum, launching games with established publishers and brands and we’ve had WAY more success that way. Like no comparison whatsoever.

We want and need to launch our product with a publisher, even putting an IP on top of our great technology and really shoot for the stars. We’ve been working since 2014 in this venture and we want to see our products shine. We are not putting the product out there with no marketing, no publishing support, no customer support and just be another of the products lost in oblivion.

So what we are doing to make this happen? We’ve been working on business development and we will continue doing so until we can announce a deal has been made and from there create a go to market roadmap that we can share with all of you.

The good news? We are in advanced talks with a publisher/developer that is really interested in what we have, that understand that VR takes time and we are working out details. No promises here it might happen or not but we are confident and working on this.

We don’t have daily updates or other updates to share at this point, it’s about traveling, meeting people, having business meetings to try and make something happen for us and of course for you out there who have been supporting and believing in us and in our project. Many thanks for that, it means everything to us.

As soon as I have more news to share I will be communicating them with a post here and announcing it on twitter.

Kind Regards,

Martin Repetto.