The RVR Token is the Future of Gaming + Crypto + Virtual Reality

By combining the awesome power of virtual reality with the breathtaking disruptive nature of cryto-currency and block chain technology RevolutionVR Token (RVR) is set to power a new global ecosystem of VR and Gaming technology


We’ve used the best technology and probably the best team in the world to create our currency.

Litecoin Core

Upgraded to the latest version with added extra security and two minutes verifications.

Pre Mined Currency

210 Million token are pre-mined, transactions utilize 0.1 RVR Token mining fee.


Verified By Experts

The RVR Token passed industry experts verifications in terms of security and functionality before it was sent to the exchanges.

Trading On Major Exchanges

The RVR Token is technologycally approved by major exchanges that trades the coin since 2016.

Dowload for Windows

QT Wallet compatible with windows 7 and above.
Latest Version: February 2018

Download for Mac

QT wallet compatible with the latest version of OS X
Latest Version: Feburary 2018

RVR Token Block Explorer

Creators Quotes

Halsey Minor

Halsey Minor

CNET Founder, Salesforce Largest Investor.

“Our shared future is money that drives ecosystems. Until now these ecosystems have been entirely national in character. The Voxel is about unleashing the potential of innovation in technology everywhere it finds fertile ground.”

Martin Repetto

Martin Repetto

Atmosphir Founder, Voxelus CEO

“Having the Voxelus marketplace use its own cryptocurrency, which freely trades on exchanges globally, allows the 2.5 billion people in the world who have no bank account but have a mobile phone to create, buy and sell virtual reality content.”

Michael Terpin

Michael Terpin

Transform PR.

“The RVR Token is a new breed of cryptocurrency: asset-backed, quickly convertible to and from other digital and fiat assets, fast transactions, highly secure and with no scaling issues.” 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I buy the RVR Token?

You can buy the RVR Token at and as our main exchanges. You can also buy it at several other exchanges listed here:

Why is it based on Litecoin Core?

So , the RVR Token is now more a mix of mostly Bitcoin files and just some parts of Litecoin, with our custom security in the checkpointing server. The new Voxels is a bit heavier of program than it was before as Bitcoin Core is bigger in size than Litecoin (hence the term “lite”) all this means, is, it takes up a little more memory than before, and a little more time to startup and shutdown. We consider the RVR Token to be a very robust and secure token.

Can I earn RVR Tokens?

You will be able to win RVR Tokens by playing and winning in our upcoming game, Xtraction Royale, being developed by RevolutionVR. Learn more at

Where can I find the whitepaper?

We are primarily a games development studio, so there is no  need for one, however please find our roadmap here.

Do you have plans to expand outside of the Litecoin Codebase?
Yes, absolutlely. We are constantly looking at ways to expand the technical side of RVR. In fact is a task on our roadmap, we expect to introduce changes and updates to the token and wallets as we move our product line forward.
Do you have a mobile wallet?

While our own wallets for both, iOS and Android are still under development, we are happy to announce we are intergrated into the wallet.

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